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Danny Bernstein

I like your examples of possible applications, though I'm not sure how to get around the scenario where you're waiting outside the theater for your girlfriend and it turns out she's stuck in traffic so that means if you don't get the message, you'll likely miss the trailers if not the beginning of the movie. Or perhaps you'll get pissed off and your movie viewing experience would drop below the level of what it might be in the unfortunate event of an embarassing jingle. So you could pull out your phone to call her 5 minutes before the show only to realize that she's going to be late. But then you've got two other problems: 1 - you've turned your phone back on so you have to remember to turn it off. 2 - you still may have already purchased a ticket for her, in which case you'll be pissed that you wasted the money. And 3 - I just thought of a third problem - when you try to call her, she may be in a tunnel and may not get your call. Or she may be driving and can't pick.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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